Two Firms, Better Results

Ostroff Injury Law, PC and Zehl & Associates, PC,  are two separate law firms that  have worked together for several years. Our firms have each earned a nationwide and international reputation for excellence due to the unique results we’ve obtained against bus companies, on behalf of our clients from across the US.

When a huge, nationwide bus company causes its passengers to suffer serious injuries or death, you need the help of two nationally known law firms that have the resources, knowledge and experience to take on and defeat these Goliath companies.

For example, a Greyhound bus crash occurred in Pennsylvania in 2013. Together, Ostroff Injury Law and Zehl & Associates currently represent  23 clients. Our reputation has led attorneys from several different states to refer their clients to our firms for representation. Together, our firms have sued Greyhound on behalf of these clients who were injured or killed. These clients reside in eight different states, as well as three other countries, i.e., the Dominican Republic, Sweden and Viet Nam.

Ryan Zehl, Jon Ostroff, and the many lawyers at our firms have forced the key executives of Greyhound, including CEO David Leach, Chief Operating Officer Bill Blankenship and other company leaders, to answer hard questions under oath, which we will use for the benefit of our clients. No two law firms in America have have challenged and questioned as many of the top people at Greyhound under oath as often as our two law firms. As a result, Zehl & Associates and Ostroff Injury Law, along with our experts, know more about how Greyhound runs, what Greyhound is doing wrong and why Greyhound buses keep causing catastrophic crashes nationwide. Our two law firms have worked together, along with our experts, to learn more than any other firm in America about what it takes to make Greyhound pay our clients what they deserve.

All clients who contact our firms as a result of our work together through, benefit from our combined talent and experience. Our firms have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and/or settlements on behalf of our clients against Greyhound Bus Lines alone. Depending on where your crash occurred, our firms may work as co-counsel where both firms are listed on court records as your attorneys, or just one firm will be listed. Either way,  our firms will regularly consult with each other and work together for the benefit of our clients. Regardless of the nature of each firm’s involvement, this does not effect the fee we charge our clients. Our two firms  share the single fee we charge and earn when we obtain recoveries for our clients. Our division of fees depends on the extent of each law firm’s role.