Causes of Bus Accidents

“One thing remains the same in every bus accident case we handle. The bus accident victim paid to be a passenger, they trusted the company and they were hurt or killed because the company or it’s driver let them down.”

— Jon Ostroff & Ryan Zehl

We are often able to prove that a bus crash occurred because the bus company cared more about profits than bus safety. Big bus companies are often poorly managed. They want to make money transporting their passengers, but they don’t want to spend money protecting them. We know where to look to find the evidence to prove this. When we win cases by proving that bus companies chose profits over safety, our clients get substantially more compensation for the harm they suffered. This is because juries know right from wrong. In the past, our clients have received far more money because the jury chose to punish the big bus company that profits from choosing wrong over right!

Now, it is often the case that because the big bus companies know who we are and that we are good at what we do, once Ryan or Jon lets them know we are involved, settlements can often result soon thereafter.

Bus Crashes are More than Meets the Eye!

When the news of a bus crash hits the media, it may often appear as if the crash was caused by the bus driver’s simple mistake. However, when we dig in, we usually find there is much more than meets the eye.

If you were seriously injured in a bus accident, the chances are high that once we investigate the cause of your bus crash, we will find out much more about what happened than the police, the media, insurance adjusters and even the bus company that caused the crash. In order to prove what went wrong, we hire the finest bus and crash experts in the country, some of whom even own or operate their own bus companies. With the help of these experts and Ryan and Jon’s expertise in knowing how to prove what’s wrong with these large companies, we often obtain very substantial recoveries for our clients.

Greyhound Bus Company has a requirement in their bus operators manual that if they are in a crash, they should not speak to anyone at the scene about it. As a result, we don’t find out about all of the problems that led to a crash until we talk to passengers, bus company drivers, bus company supervisors and managers, ex-employees, police, ambulance workers and experts on proper bus operation procedures. We often are required to use all of this information to reconstruct the crash and everything that led up to it.

Two Examples of what Jon and Ryan Have Proven in Past Cases

On one example, the bus driver claimed he lost control and flipped his bus on the highway because he was trying to avoid something that was suddenly in his lane.

  • We proved: He fell asleep.

  • We also proved: He told his supervisor he was too tired to drive only an hour before he fell asleep.

  • We also proved: His company failed to take any steps to address driver fatigue—despite many serious crashes that occurred because its drivers fell asleep with a busload of passengers.

We made it clear that the company didn’t care enough about its passengers, or for that matter, even its own drivers. As a result of the evidence we uncovered, we were able to obtain very substantial (and quick) settlements for our clients. These settlements were far more than they would have received if their injuries were the result of a simple mistake by the driver.

In another example, the bus driver claimed he lost control of his bus due to icy roads and bad weather.

  • We proved: The bus driver was not qualified to operate a bus.

  • We also proved: The bus driver failed to control the speed.

  • We also proved: The bus driver was not properly trained to drive a large bus.

As a result of the evidence we uncovered, we obtained the largest verdict ($18.7 million) in the history of the Greyhound Bus Company. This verdict included punitive damages that were intended to punish Greyhound for its poor management and overall greed. The amount of these punitive damages awarded to our clients was many multiples of the award they received for their pain and suffering and other losses.

Other Potential Causes of Bus Accidents

There  are hundreds of potential causes of bus accidents. We get the answers that help us understand why an accident occurred by knowing where to look and the questions to explore. Jon and Ryan are bus accident injury lawyers who help bus accident victims by knowing how to gather the evidence that shows exactly how the bus company was responsible for an accident that caused injuries to passengers. Contact Jon and Ryan to learn how we can prove that the bus company caused your accident injuries by choosing profit over safety.