Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accident victims are often more seriously injured than car crash victims. Because of the immense size of a 20 ton bus and the lack of seat belts, passengers are tossed around like eggs in a flying  jar. As a result, bus crash victims often are killed or suffer serious, permanent injuries.

Bus passengers are usually not wearing seat belts. As a result, when a bus accident occurs, passengers are typically thrown from their seats, slammed into other seats, walls or windows, and often are thrown into each other. As a result, bus accident passengers suffer one or more severe impacts within the bus.

Many crashes occur because a bus driver is careless, speeding or because they fell asleep. As a result, there is usually multiple impacts and forces at play after the initial crash occurs.

1) Physical Injuries – Some physical injuries are the most obvious injuries suffered by bus accident passengers. Fractured bones, damaged spines, torn ligaments and tendons, severe cuts and bruises are some of the more obvious physical injuries suffered by bus accident victims. Bus accident victims may be permanently scarred or disfigured from burns, scrapes or facial fractures. Surgery is often required. Other physical injuries are not as obvious,  such as brain injuries that affect the way you think, act and function. Jon and Ryan are very familiar with the types of  physical injuries suffered by bus accident victims and will work with you to make sure they are in a position to prove the seriousness of your injuries and the impact they will have on your life.

Bus accident victims are entitled to be paid for the pain, for the suffering, for the harm and for the losses they suffer as a result of these injuries.  John and Ryan will spend a great deal of time understanding your physical injuries so that they can get you the money you are entitled to.

2) Emotional Injuries – Emotional  injuries suffered by bus accident victims are often less obvious than physical injuries. However because emotional injuries directly impact a person’s quality of life, they can be just as difficult to live with. Few things in life are more horrifying than being trapped and helpless inside a crashing bus as it goes through all of the forces that are part of a bus accident. Unfortunately, the horror doesn’t end when the bus finally  stops moving.  A bus accident victim is surrounded by severely injured, bleeding, bruised passengers. Panic is triggered as everybody attempts to get out of the bus at the same time, but are trapped and unable to exit. You wait by the side of the highway hoping the ambulance will arrive and often in highway bus accidents it seems to take forever for this to happen. Then, when you finally get back to your home, you are injured, you are in pain, you can’t sleep, you can’t work and you are in this situation because the bus company you paid to transport you safely, did just the opposite. While your friends and family go on with their lives, your life seems to have come to a grinding halt and you did nothing to cause this.

Jon and Ryan will work hard to understand the extent of your emotional injuries. When a bus accident victim gets the proper care for emotional injuries, Jon and Ryan will be able to use the information from your doctors and therapists who care for these emotional injuries, to help prove that they are serious. You are entitled to money for these injuries as well and Jon and Ryan will work hard to gather the evidence they need to prove the seriousness of this harm so that you receive fair compensation.

3) Economic Losses – Because of the physical and emotional injuries, bus accident victim also suffer significant financial losses. There are two types of financial damages that Jon and Ryan recover for bus accident victims.

a) Medical Bills – When a bus accident victim suffers physical and emotional injuries, extensive medical care is required. Jon and Ryan will line up and coordinate medical insurance that is available to you. Often, due to insurance co-pays, deductibles, lack of insurance or for medical treatment or prescriptions not covered by medical insurance, clients are forced to pay some bills themselves.

Jon  and Ryan will make sure that your medical bills are paid by available insurance. If any costs are not covered at the time they are billed, Jon and Ryan will make sure that they are paid by the bus company that injured you.

b) Past and Future Lost Wages – When a bus accident victim is injured, they are often unable to work. Sometimes they are permanently disabled as a result of their injuries.

If you lose any time from work, whether it is in the past or because you are unable to work in the future, Jon and Ryan routinely work with the top experts in the country who can calculate and help them prove the amount of past wages you’ve already lost and the future wages you will lose. The bus company that injured you will be required to pay all wages you lost or will lose.

4) Loss of Consortium – Physical and emotional injuries affect the way we feel and the way we act. As a result, these injuries to bus accident victims can also affect our relationships with others, especially our spouses. When a bus accident victim’s marriage suffers because of the injuries sustained, Jon and Ryan will take the steps necessary to prove this, because this harm to a marriage is a damage that a bus accident victim is also entitled to recover.

5) Loss of Life’s pleasures and Enjoyment – Physical and emotional injuries also impact a bus accident victim’s  ability to enjoy our favorite past times and hobbies. Whether our client enjoyed gardening, walking, jogging, dancing, participating in sports or any other common pastimes or hobbies and as result of their injuries they are no longer able to enjoy these things, this is also a damage that Jon and Ryan will prove exist and obtain compensation for.

The above losses often effect the bus accident victim for the rest of their life.

Jon and Ryan are experienced, respected bus accident injury lawyers. We will address every loss our client experiences and fight to see that you are fairly compensated for these  harms and losses.

Since bus companies do everything they can to avoid taking responsibility for victims’ injuries, victims end up with mounting medical bills. Bus companies  must be held responsible for these expenses. Greyhound, Megabus, Trailways, BultBus and many other major bus companies all stress safety in their advertising slogans. Their bus accident histories suggest otherwise.

When big bus companies don’t do as they say… Jon and Ryan are the bus accident lawyers who make them PAY!

Once our injury attorneys are hired, we promptly sue the bus company and aggressively dig out the facts. Jon and Ryan attack hard and keep the bus company on the defense. As a result, our recoveries on behalf of our clients prove that our aggressive approach works. In 2012, we won a verdict of over $18 million against Greyhound Bus Company, which is the largest verdict ever against Greyhound.